Friday, March 6, 2009

The Fundamentals of the Matter

The women of India as citizens of this country received, under its constitution certain inalienable rights. These are the rights of equality, liberty and non-discrimination as well as positive discrimination acknowledging their de facto subordinate status in society. However these rights have been consistently violated by the citizens of this country to keep women in their subordiante position in the name of religious purity, preservation of culture and the upkeep of family honour. There is a common contention among thinkers that it is impossible to bracket Indian women together as the problem of women differ by social strata, religion and region. Can the Indian woman never be united? I hold that they can, and the legal document that unites all Indian women is the Constitution therefore the provisions of the Constitution must be understood by and known to all Indian women and their position and complaints should be addressed keeping in mind this supposed fountainhead of all laws in our country. But do all the laws in our country, all its customs and traditions conform to the Constitution- the answer is in the negative specially in the case of the Indian women. The difference in their expeiences are but superficial, all women whatever their social strata, their religion or their place of origin face the same kind of discrimination. so used are women to this kind of violation of their fundamental rights that they are unable to assert their rights. The Constitution of India, specially the section on Fundamental rights should be taught in detail to all indians no matter what stream of study they choose. The BJP government in karnataka is busy proposing the alteration of the History books so that a more Indian perspective is presented to the students. The sinister attempts at politicians to impose their social ideology on the people of India would be put to rest when the people are made aware of their Constitutional rights. All men and women in india are equal in the eyes of law- however women are unequal right from the time of their birth. This inequality is enforced throughout her life. In this blog I will attempt to measure the predicament of Indian women to the ideals that are put forward by the Constitution. I am sure that awareness of the Fundamental Rights can be enhanced by this discussion.

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