Sunday, November 22, 2009

How Long Will We Tolerate This....

We attended our first wedding ceremony in Bangalore last December. The bride was our landlady's neice. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly at the reception. The couple looked happy....nearly a year later, just last wednesday evening the groom was mercilessly 'hacked to death' by a horde of 'rowdies'! His mistake was that as one of the leading organizers of the Ganapati festival at Basavanagudi on Monday, he had objected to the eve-teasing going on near the temple. He and his friends had 'roughed up' a few of the rowdies who returned with their hordes 2 days later. None of the rowdies have been arrested...and I am sure they never will be. Now we are complaining about violence against Indians in other countries are we safe in our own? Eve-teasing which is rampant in all cities and is a criminal offense and those perpetrating this crime go scot free only due to brute strength and those opposing it lose their lives in this horrible manner. The couple have a baby too, a month old daughter...will they ever get justice, I wonder!

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