Monday, March 14, 2011

Dead Mothers Dead Families

In a Government Hospital in Jodhpur 17 new mothers have died, the last one passed away yesterday, and yet, the news has not hit headlines on any of the news channels. The murder of the Delhi university student has remained in the news because of an on going agitation and the hapless Mumbai mom who committed suicide after killing her kids has faded in public memory. When a mother dies, a family dies with her...One of my worst fears, one that makes me break out in cold sweat, is that I will die and someone else will raise my kids! Imagine the plight of these women, not one or two, but SEVENTEEN, who did not know what hit them, who did not even get a chance to see their babies properly. Imagine the plight of the children who will never have mothers!! And all this negligence in a government hospital! It is not as if all this happened in one day and the cause for the deaths were identified and rectifications were made. The deaths occurred over several days. No statement from the government authorities, no clarification form the docs, no concern from the public, no movement no slogans...seventeen mothers slips into oblivion their children deprived of a parent and the nation accepts this....and engages itself with the horrors of the Japanese quake, whereas this negligence is also horrifying and shows the worth of women's lives in a nation which prides itself as being a super power of the future....unbelievable!

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